Corporate Intranet: The Agile Solution

How easy is it to implement a new initiative in your corporate organization? How quickly does your company respond to business innovations? The truth is for many corporates there are several layers of bureaucracy and red tape to get through before the initiative is even put in front of the board for approval. Business agility, or an organization’s ability to respond quickly to external threats or opportunities, is an increasing trend. If you want to maintain a competitive edge, then it’s an issue that every corporate needs to address. And when it comes to implementing a corporate intranet, then larger organizations can certainly learn a thing or two from smaller, more agile companies. You see an out-of-the-box intranet solution can work just as well for large corporates. Let’s find out why.

Corporate Intranet: Decision-Making Process

Now the graphic above may be an exaggeration, but it does have a ring of truth, doesn’t it? Large businesses can make the mistake of spending big bucks on processes and procedures at the expense of action. They often follow the example of the image on the right with several steps and many hurdles to jump. corporate red tapeSmaller companies in comparison, often innovate and respond to initiatives much more quickly. They tend to follow the example on the left – more individual autonomy and streamlined decision-making processes.

And so when it comes to the steps involved in implementing a corporate intranet, big businesses often get weighed down in the process side of things.  Consultations with internal stakeholders can sometimes lead to great big long wish lists that morph into being must-have requirements. The end result is that an expensive bespoke software development becomes the only solution. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Corporate Intranet: Cloud Solutions

An out-of-the-box intranet hosted in the cloud can tick all the right boxes for the corporate organization as well as smaller ones. Cloud intranet solutions are already being used by hundreds of businesses around the globe.As well as being super easy to set up and manage, in a pick and choose template format, they offer a range of business tools and features that can easily be customized to meet your specific requirements.

The secret when putting together your intranet is to concentrate on what internal pressure points or issues the corporate intranet will address. So rather than focus on features for the sake of it almost, the emphasis is instead on what problems those features will solve. It’s a much more agile and proactive way of doing things.

So what organizational issues can corporate intranets help address? And what features and tools does your corporate intranet need to have?

Organizational Issues Corporate Intranets Address

Many companies, including national and multi-national corporates, have implemented corporate cloud intranets in response to a range of organizational pain points. These include the following:

Internal Communications

Even small to medium-sized enterprises with only a handful of employees experience problems with internal communications and those issues are magnified in big corporates with large numbers of employees in multiple locations, often in different states and even countries. Communicating with a colleague based several time zones away in Germany can be a struggle. Add to this the flexible, telecommuting workforce that many corporates now have and internal communications and a shared sense of identity become real issues for many corporates.

corporate intranet knowledge management

A corporate intranet can help to address these problems. One of the most important features of the corporate intranet is the company and team news blogs. Accessed upon logging on to the intranet, the news feature is the first thing that users see. Updated throughout the day, the news blog operates much like your social media news feed with bite-sized chunks of information and options to click for more detail. All staff members will be receiving the same, consistent company message.What’s more, the corporate intranet can automatically publish information at an appropriate time regardless of the time zone in the location from which it’s posted. This is a big advantage for corporates with staff in multiple locations. And so even if head office is posting information in the middle of the night New York time, the news article will be shown as posted at a time that makes sense to the local user.

Information Needs

Big companies have a wide range of information needs from the corporate to the local level. The corporate intranet can help manage those information needs as well as being the vehicle for all organizational knowledge management.

Using the corporate intranet’s document management system unlimited numbers of files and documents are quickly and easily shared both internally and externally. What’s more, you can embed your favorite Microsoft Office 365 files or Google Apps directly in the intranet page for greater convenience and enhanced collaboration and joint working.

The corporate intranet is also the key source of organizational knowledge and knowledge management. Key business data such as product information, sales manuals, policies and procedures as well as board minutes are held in a central database. The advanced search functionality means that staff can quickly and easily find the information they’re after in a self-service approach. There’s no need to consult multiple colleagues in several departments to source that one piece of information. A corporate intranet means that staff can locate it directly in just a fraction of the time. What’s more, the intranet operates as the single source of truth in the organization and has all the very latest information and updates.

Streamlined Business Processes

corporate intranet collaboration

The corporate intranet is the perfect vehicle for introducing automated business processes across the whole organization. And the tool for achieving this is the intranet’s in-built and customizable forms builder or alternatively, you could use Google Forms and embed the form directly in the relevant intranet page. And so whether it’s reporting on sales data across the business, requesting product updates, completing an expenses form or even putting in a vacation request, the corporate intranet will help do away with paper and email systems. Intuitive and straightforward to use, the forms builder is customizable and ensures business processes are streamlined and standardized across the organization. What’s more, using a set of rules the intranet will automatically route the completed form through to the correct member of staff to action.

Additional Organizational Issues 

We’ve only been able to touch on some of the potential organizational issues that a corporate intranet can help with. The truth is there’s a whole host of other issues that the intranet has proved to be effective in resolving for many businesses. These include opportunities for collaboration and joint working, better employee engagement and simplified onboarding of new staff members.

Cloud Corporate Intranet: The Agile Response

business agilityThe chances are the organizational pain points your corporate is facing are similar to those faced by many others before you. And the great beauty of the cloud corporate intranet is that it has been refined and revised in the light of the experience of hundreds of other businesses. You will be getting the full benefit of that combined knowledge and experience without the need to do all the hard work yourself. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel, is there? What’s more, corporates, in particular, need to be aware of the very real threat of shadow IT. Individuals or teams downloading their own software solutions without central oversight can lead to a range of security and compatibility issues for corporates. And so the sooner you can respond to those organizational pain points with tried and tested, easily implemented agile solutions, the better.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the power of cloud intranets in the context of corporate organizations then get in touch with the knowledgeable team at MyHub.

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