IMPORTANT – Document Exchange Update

Nov 24, 2021 | 0 comments

After months of development, we’re pleased to announce that we’re upgrading the Document Exchange module.

So what’s changing with this upgrade?

  • First up, we’re changing the module name to Files as we believe it will be less confusing. If you’ve not changed the page and module name we’ll automatically apply the new name.
  • We’ve changed the look and feel so the options and tools are easier to find
  • We’ve simplified the permissions and notifications options
  • You’ll now have the option to drag and drop complete folders or files into the module
  • When you add a new file with the same name that has a link on a page the link will update automatically so you won’t need to update pages and links anymore
  • When you’re adding images or files you won’t need to save them to the Files module first you can now upload and save them directly from the modules

We’ll be progressively rolling out the new Files module over the next month so keep an eye out for the change. If you need any help you can book a support call or click on the help icon within the module to view the new support video.

Like to see what’s changed? Check out the video below:

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