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It’s Hard To Get Started

Designing an intranet can be a confusing process. There are many decisions to be made around the type of intranet, hosting options, organization and structure as well as content and design. With so much to think about, it can be very hard to get started. That’s where this intranet design guide comes into play.

Step By Step

We will take you through every step of the process, offering support and guidance along the way. What’s more, this guide is written with the non-technical person in mind. We have deliberately minimized the use of jargon and technical language and where it’s unavoidable, we clearly define our terms. This guide will show you that it is possible to set up an intranet without any internal IT backup. And you won’t need a PhD in computers either!

Let Us Guide You

Use this guide to make your intranet deployment a smoother and quicker process. As well as being essential reading for those of you that are starting to look at deploying an intranet, it will also be useful for any business that is looking to revamp and relaunch an existing intranet. Either way, we understand the challenges that are involved and will give you the benefit of our experience by guiding you through the process from start to finish.

Further Reading

This further reading list will be an invaluable resource as it takes you through everything you need to know. We give you the benefit of our considerable experience in developing intranets and provide simple, easy-to-follow explanations, insights and advice.

Use this list to explore the latest intranet design best practice principles. Find out how pre-built intranet templates could well be the solution every time-pressed business owner is looking for. Discover how to ensure your intranet design is mobile friendly and optimized for use on smartphones and tablets. And learn about how to make your intranet interactive and fun so that users readily engage with the platform making for a more efficient and effective workplace.

These are just some of the insights available in this category so why not have a browse or use the search functionality to explore more about intranet design. With our comprehensive knowledge bank, you’ll soon discover that designing an intranet isn’t the mammoth task that perhaps you first thought it was.

Intranet Design Articles

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