Intranet Kick Off Action List

Sep 15, 2015 | 0 comments

Following on from our Things To Consider Before You Start Your Intranet post we thought that we would follow up by providing you with a handy intranet kick off action checklist:

Action Assigned To Due Date
Objective(s) for go-live
Executive buy-in and participation – blog posts, forum discussions, etc.
Launch date
Develop launch plan (30/60/90-day plan) including communications and activities
Identify and appoint Site Administrators
Identify and select page content owners
Identify and appoint internal evangelists
Develop a site map including page Layout and navigation
Forums creation – teams – general – any moderation, distribute the Forum Use Guide
Identify and appoint the News/Blog administrator
Document Exchange access and control – all company info or just selected files and who has access
Develop a post-launch adoption and participation plan
Ongoing accountability for site content development and maintenance

We also made this list available as a Word document file download – Intranet Kick Off Action List.docx

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