Intranet Service: Utilize An Intranet Expert For Stress-Free Deployment

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You’ve been looking to implement a company intranet for the past nine months, but somehow work always throws you a curve ball. With all the other demands you haven’t had the time to do the research, select a vendor and navigate your way around the software, let alone plan the intranet site, test and pilot it. You’ve estimated there’s somewhere between 20 and 60 hours of work involved and despite several false starts, you still haven’t progressed beyond the drawing board. The pressure is really on now to press ahead with the company intranet given the recent acquisition of another business. So what are you to do? How can you get a company intranet up and running quickly and easily? If these issues sound familiar to you then help is at hand. Carry on reading to discover how utilizing an intranet service expert can make your company intranet’s deployment a quick, easy and stress-free process.

Intranet Service: Core Issues And Problems

less stress with intranet servicesDeveloping an intranet from scratch is a pretty overwhelming process even for those who have a technical background. And for those without technical know-how it can seem like a bridge too far. It’s no wonder when there are so many demands competing for our time and attention, intranet deployment can slip down the list of priorities. You know it’s makes sound business sense, but with an already demanding full-time role the whole process of sourcing intranet software, planning, customizing, testing, revising and finally launching simply takes too long and adds too much pressure. All that any business owner or executive really wants is an intranet solution that achieves the organization’s aims and objectives, is easy to set up, simple to manage with a low ongoing cost. Is that too much to ask for?

Benefits Of Hiring An Intranet Expert

Clear Aims And Objectives

One of the main benefits of utilizing an intranet consultant or intranet service expert is that it will save you time and release internal resources to get on with other company-critical tasks. Instead of starting with that blank piece of paper that you would if doing it yourself, an intranet consultant uses their expertise and knowledge to help you draw up a complete deployment plan starting with clear aims and objectives. clear objectivesYou may well have a vague notion of wanting to improve internal communications and employee engagement along with streamlining business processes. But an intranet expert will help you develop clear aims and objectives that are aligned with your business goals and that can be measured post-launch. All the best company intranets start off with specific and measurable aims and objectives which provide an overall clarity of purpose. And so it’s worthwhile utilizing the expertise of an intranet consultant in getting this important first step right. In fact, they may well come up with ideas and solutions that you hadn’t even thought of.

Certainty Around The Development Costs

An intranet expert will be quoting for the whole deployment project: from software development, usually involving pre-built and tested intranet templates, through to piloting, launching and ongoing support. And so unlike the do-it-yourself option, using an intranet service provides cost certainty. What’s more, the ongoing monthly fees are set and often include unlimited numbers of users and unlimited data storage. The costs to you, therefore, are fixed and are clear from the outset.

Tried And Tested Functionality

software testingUnlike web developers who tend to have more generic online knowledge of websites and apps, intranet service experts have proven expertise in the intranet platform solution. Intranets are the bread and butter of the intranet service company and so what they don’t know about intranet capabilities and functionality isn’t worth knowing. What’s more, the technology has already been tried and tested by many different companies just like yours. That’s the great beauty of intranet templates and software. Unlike say WordPress, which although it is a content management system was never designed for use as an intranet platform, the intranet expert will be deploying templates and software that are purely designed for intranets. And there will be many businesses out there already using the platform, so the solution and its functionality have already been thoroughly tested in the real world.

Knowledge Of Design And Usability

The intranet expert has unparalleled knowledge of what works and doesn’t work from the perspective of end users. And so if you employ an intranet consultant you can be confident that the design will reflect the latest industry best practice in appealing to end users. intranet design and usabilityAn attractive, easy to use, visually appealing design is a must if end users are to get the most out of the technology. Use the services of an intranet consultant and when it comes to design, you will be taking advantage of the breadth and depth of their knowledge and experience.

And it’s a similar story when it comes to usability. Users need to be able to intuitively navigate the company intranet so that they can quickly and easily locate the information and tools that they need to get their work done. An intranet expert can help you identify a structure, site map and features that will enhance the user’s experience. In addition, the intranet expert can also ensure that your company intranet has an advanced search capability to work alongside intuitive navigation to maximizing the ease of use for staff members.

Ongoing Support

The help and support of an intranet services company doesn’t just stop once the intranet launches. Within the monthly fee, most cloud intranet service solutions also offer ongoing support whether it be in the shape of troubleshooting, automated product updates, automatic backups or general advice and assistance.

Test Run The Software

intranet demoAnd finally, there’s one last benefit that we haven’t touched on yet. With an intranet service, you can also test drive the software before you make a commitment or a financial outlay. This is a very important benefit, make sure the solution you are looking at offer free trials or a shared screen tour so you can really get your hands dirty with the software and check that it’s a good fit for your organization’s requirements. You will, therefore, be helping to keep the overall costs down as there will be no abortive development costs or time wastage.

If you would like an informal discussion with an intranet services expert, then get in touch with us here at MyHub. We provide a cloud-based CMS intranet used by hundreds of businesses of different sizes and in different markets across the globe. MyHub is super simple to setup, easy to manage and is fully customizable. Explore our intranet solution with a free demo or trial offer and discover how quick, easy and stress-free your intranet deployment could be.

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