Salesforce Intranet: Save Money With A Winning Combination

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When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) software, the cloud computing company Salesforce is probably the market leader. The chances are high that your staff will be using Salesforce to input lead information, update customer contact details or log work tasks. However, as many small businesses especially can confirm, Salesforce licenses can prove to be an expensive item in budgets that are already under pressure. What’s more, backroom staff are often not necessarily using the Salesforce system to its full capacity and so the investment in a license for those employees doesn’t really make business sense. So, what can a company do that wants all the advantages of Salesforce without the cost factor? Well, one approach to take is to integrate your cloud intranet with Salesforce using a simple web form. It’s a cost-effective and easy solution that sees your business benefit from a powerful winning combination of Salesforce intranet form integration. Let’s find out more.

How Does Salesforce Work?

Salesforce is a comprehensive CRM system that encompasses marketing and sales through to customer service and business analysis. The software enables businesses to manage and track all interactions with customers and prospects alike. You can use Salesforce to produce reports for management on a variety of key business performance indicators including what’s in the pipeline, open quotes and new opportunities as well as keeping a check on marketing activity and customer service. At a glance, managers can see where things are at and can easily monitor progress and ensure the business is on track. There’s no doubting Salesforce is a powerful tool, which is why it’s the number one choice for CRM.

salesforce crm software

At its heart though is the need for data and information. Salesforce is only as good as the data that’s inputted into it and without that constant stream of information, Salesforce is not quite a force to be reckoned with. What this means is that your staff members need to be diligent in feeding Salesforce all the information it requires and often this data entry task falls to backroom support or admin staff rather than your sales personnel, for instance, who are too busy out on the road drumming up new business.

And so, if your business is already using Salesforce, it’s important to sit down and really have a look at whether you’re getting the best out of it. Are licenses with the right people? And how are information and data being fed through to Salesforce? It’s important that you answer these questions honestly. You see, there could be an easier way to manage things. Let’s see how the office intranet can combine with Salesforce to really get the best out of both platforms.

How A Salesforce Intranet Integration Can Help

Most admin and support staff don’t really require full access to Salesforce – their interest in the software is primarily a data entry one rather than using or manipulating the information inside the platform. In these situations, a more cost-effective option is for backroom staff to connect with Salesforce via a simple web form accessed through the intranet.

salesforce intranet integrationSay, for example, a group of users are just using Salesforce to enter new contacts or update contact information. Instead of having to invest in multiple licenses, these users can connect to Salesforce through a simple online form. Use the intranet’s forms builder to create such a form utilizing a simple drag and drop form wizard. You can then map the relevant Salesforce fields to your customized form fields. Simple. What’s more, using a web form is so intuitive that it requires little or no training and the best thing is that this approach only requires a single Salesforce license.

In a similar vein, if you are managing any type of support process using Salesforce Cases, then you can easily use a web-based form to submit new tickets and jobs. Say, for example, your company services office photocopiers. Field service personnel can log any new maintenance cases on Salesforce via the intranet’s web forms. They can also use it to enter a new lead in the system – perhaps a company with an old outdated model of photocopier, which the sales team can then follow-up with a call.  And once again, only a single Salesforce user account is needed.

Whether it’s telemarketing, retail, reception or sales and administration staff, inputting data and connecting to Salesforce is cost-effective and easy with an intranet web form. Usually trying to integrate different platforms with Salesforce requires software development staff that not only understand how to create a web form, they also need to know how to write the code that integrates with the Salesforce application program interface (API), this can be an expensive, not to mention complicated process. Instead, why not see your company save valuable dollars on unnecessary Salesforce licenses with the easy to implement intranet form solution.

Intranet’s Additional Business Benefits

As well as providing easier access to Salesforce, let’s not forget all the other business benefits that an intranet has to offer. Your company can be taking advantage of these great benefits alongside those available with Salesforce:

  • salesforce collaborationEnhanced employee engagement: use the intranet’s quizzes and surveys feature to seek the views of staff on work-related topics. Why not celebrate the achievements of staff members on the intranet’s news pages, or interact with staff and invite comments on company-wide or team-based blogs and forums.
  • Improved internal communications: team and organizational news pages and online newsletters are the perfect platform for keeping staff informed on all the latest company news and updates. And important events or deadlines can be highlighted in the intranet’s company calendar.
  • More opportunities for joint working and collaboration: the intranet’s shared workspaces, social intranet tools and project pages make joint working easy. Access is restricted to only relevant staff members who can share information and insights, as well as working collaboratively on documents simultaneously and in real time using G Suite or Office 365.
  • Easier sharing of information across the business: when it comes to knowledge management, the intranet will do away with paper files, emails or shared folders. Instead, employees can readily access all the company knowledge they require using the intranet’s intuitive site navigation and powerful search functionality.

How To Save Money On Salesforce Licenses

save money on salesforce licensesIntegrating these fantastic benefits with those on offer from Salesforce’s advanced CRM software is an undoubted winning combination. What’s more, you’ll also be saving dollars on your Salesforce licensing requirements.

Interested in finding out more? Then get in touch with the helpful team at MyHub for a demo. Better still take advantage of the free 14-day trial and see for yourself the power of an integrated Salesforce intranet.

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