Employee Engagement Action Plan: It’s Time For Action Continued

Download a PDF version of employee action plan example here: employee-engagement-action-plan.pdf

Area for ImprovementProposed SolutionsSuccess MeasuresOwnershipTimeline for Completion
Implement an employee engagement strategyAppoint a contractor to develop a survey or develop the survey in-houseComprehensive employee engagement survey is developed & publishedBoard to decide on delivery method


HR Manager to oversee

Board decision by end of quarter 1


Employee engagement survey launched by end of quarter 3

Set up a cross-departmental action group


Action group membership to be drawn from across departments & job roles & chaired by board memberAction group is set up with terms of reference to oversee action plan & surveyBoard member with HR responsibilityFirst meeting of action group by end of quarter 1
Invite employees to submit ideas for improvements via online formDevelop online ideas form for publication via intranetOver time, increasing numbers of staff contributing ideas to management & the action groupIT Manager to develop


Action group to follow up on ideas submitted

Online form available on intranet by end of quarter 1



Set up an employee engagement blog on the intranet for staff members


Staff can contribute & share ideas & insights via an intranet-based employee engagement blogA popular intranet blog with lively, interesting debate across all departmentsHR Manager to set up & moderate


Blog to be sponsored by CEO to encourage participation

Blog up and running by end of quarter 2
Conduct intranet mini surveys in relation to specific issues, job roles or locations within the company to gather information & data outside the main employee engagement surveyIntranet surveys conducted on an as and when basis, for example, when conducting review of internal communicationsMinimum 65% staff participation rate in  ad hoc intranet surveysAll managers to utilize this tool when neededAction group to review the use & effectiveness of ad hoc surveys by end of quarter 4


Set up a series of team building activities and events to improve team spirit and morale


Managers to canvas teams for ideas. Two events to be held per annum, timing to suit team membersIncrease in percentage of staff reporting improved team spirit in annual or ad hoc surveyTeam manager to implement


HR manager to oversee

Two events held per team by end of quarter 3


Action group to review impact following survey results by quarter 4

Implement a company-wide staff recognition scheme


Ask staff how they’d like to be recognized in an intranet survey & hold focus groups with highest participation rate


Develop and launch company-wide employee recognition scheme following staff consultation

High rate of participation in the intranet survey (75% or above)


Focus groups held and feedback given to the action group


Reward system is in place to recognize &  reward high performance


Reduction in percentage of staff reporting that the organization does not recognize or reward staff efforts in annual survey

Operations Manager to set up an intranet survey for all staff


Relevant team managers to hold focus groups with teams that highest participating teams  for more in-depth feedback to the action group


HR Manager in partnership with the action group to develop detailed program

Intranet survey set up by end of quarter 2


Focus groups arranged and feedback provided to the action group by end of quarter 2




Company-wide employee recognition program in place by end of quarter 3

Develop an internal employee directory with photos and biographiesUse the intranet tool to create online staff directory that employees can editFully functioning online directory available for staffOperations Manager in partnership with ITDirectory to be live by end of quarter 2
Improve internal communications to ensure staff are involved and informedInstitute system of weekly team briefings for two-way relaying of information between managers and staff

Relaunch the intranet’s news feed and make it the intranet’s home page

Reduction in percentage of staff citing poor communications as an issue in the annual engagement survey

95% of staff members logging into the news feed on a daily basis

Operations Manager to brief all team managers



Communications & Marketing Manager

System to be in place by end of quarter 1



Chart progress against intranet usage statistics on a monthly basis

Review staff performance appraisal systems to ensure personal objectives are closely aligned to organizational prioritiesHR Manager to review current systems so that personal objectives relate directly to organizational prioritiesManagers are developing objectives that link directly to business priorities


Staff have clearer understanding of how they contribute to the bigger picture as evidenced by improved scores in the annual engagement survey

HR Manager to oversee


All managers to implement

Review to be completed by end of quarter 1 2019


New appraisal system in place by end of quarter 3 2019 following manager training program

Provide training program for managers on how to facilitate engagementManagers trained in & given responsibility for engagement within their teamsAll managers trained in facilitating employee engagement


Increase of 10% in staff reporting that their manager supports and values staff input in annual engagement survey

HR Manager to oversee supported by action groupHR Manager & action group to report on possible program & delivery methods by end of quarter 2 2019


Program implemented by end of quarter 4 2019

Develop set of employee engagement metrics to track progressEmployee engagement survey data to be supplemented with additional metrics such as:

– ad hoc surveys

– staff turnover data

– sickness & absence rates

– exit interview data

Metrics monitored by board & action group every 6 months


Improving trends apparent in comprehensive dataset

HR Manager to develop in partnership with action groupAgreement on data set by end of quarter 1 2019


Data collected & analyzed by board & action group every six months thereafter

Review Mechanisms

Once you’ve completed your action plan, it’s essential to set up regular review mechanisms. In fact, following up on the plan is critical to success as it is the means by which you ensure the organization delivers on its commitments. And the stakes are high. Employee PerformanceStaff members will be closely watching your progress and will be keen to see some real action rather than simply paying lip service to the notion of employee engagement. The organization’s credibility is on the line. Review mechanisms will help you to monitor progress and deliver on your promises.

How An Intranet Can Help

And when it comes to drawing up an employee engagement action plan and disseminating it throughout the business, an intranet is an indispensable tool. Whether it’s to publicize, inform, communicate or invite feedback, the intranet is the perfect platform as it is accessible to all staff who use it on a daily basis to get their work done.

Employee Engagement Action Plan: It’s Time To Act

Organizations can no longer afford to ignore the issue of employee engagement. The time to act really is now or you run the risk of falling behind the competition. Use the ideas in this article to set the ball rolling in your company.

MyHub provides intranet solutions to many businesses across the globe just like yours. And so if you would like an informal discussion about employee engagement and how an intranet can support your efforts, then get in touch today. Better still, why not take advantage of our no-obligation demo or 14-day free trial and see for yourself just what a difference an intranet can make to your business.

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