HR Advisor: Responsibilities, Skills, And Requirements

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Log on to any recruitment website, and you’ll find 1,000s of jobs for HR advisors. Working at the heart of the human resources department, an HR advisor is an exciting and varied people-focused role. HR advisor responsibilities include providing guidance on policies, employee relations issues, recruitment, employee benefits, and more. If you like working with people, this job is for you.

And it’s a job with prospects. According to data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics, employment for HR professionals is expected to grow eight percent up to 2031. That’s faster than the average for all occupations.

Furthermore, the opportunities for career growth as an HR advisor are excellent. With the right experience, you can move into a human resources management role. Or you can specialize in a related field, like learning and development or labor relations. Many former advisors even go on to be successful business leaders.

Today’s post is essential reading if you are considering a career in human resources or want a change of direction. Hiring managers preparing job descriptions for HR advisors will also find this post valuable. And we even include a job description template.

Let’s take a look in-depth into what HR advisors do and the must-have skills and requirements.

What Does An HR Advisor Do?

HR advisor responsibilities are broad and varied. You will be wearing several hats all at once. However, there are three main areas of responsibility.

Develop HR Policies And Maintain Legal Compliance

A top responsibility is providing feedback and advice to managers and employees on all aspects of employment law. HR advisors also ensure that company policies comply with legislation.

Resolve Employee Relations Issues

Human resources advisors are responsible for helping resolve labor relations issues. This may involve overseeing grievance procedures, conflict resolution, or investigating disciplinary matters.

Advise On Recruitment And Employee Development

Another primary duty is advising hiring managers on recruitment practices. HR advisors may be involved in writing job adverts, interviewing candidates, and completing hiring processes. They may also arrange onboarding for new employees and create training programs to enhance the skills of existing workers.

Additional HR Advisor Responsibilities

Depending on the company, you may find some or all of the following duties in HR advisor job descriptions:

  • Discussing terms and conditions of employment with team members
  • Reviewing and updating job descriptions
  • Using HR software to input human resources data and employees’ records
  • High-level monitoring of human resources metrics, like employee turnover and retention rates
  • Providing advice to management or participating in employee performance reviews
  • Working with HR consultants on workplace strategies or policy reviews
  • Acting as the leading human resources contact for hiring managers, employees, and business administration, like payroll

Workplace Incident Report Template

What Are The Must-Have Skills For HR Advisors?

To be successful in the position, HR advisors must have fantastic organizational skills. And since the job involves working with people, communication skills are also a must-have.

Here are some other attributes you will be expected to have in bucket loads.

Core Skills

  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in human resources, business administration, or a related discipline
  • Three to four years of previous industry experience in human resources
  • Ability to handle sensitive information and maintain confidentiality
  • Knowledge of HR software
  • Sound understanding of employment law and recruitment strategies
  • Excellent written communication skills and the ability to research and draft company policies and procedures

Advanced Skills

  • Advanced knowledge of state and federal labor legislation
  • Professional management qualification
  • Ability to conduct team or employee training on human resources issues, such as benefits, career growth, and employee wellbeing

HR Advisor Job Description Template

We have put together the duties and requirements in this job description template. Use the template as the starting point for developing the perfect job description for your business.


The HR advisor develops and oversees policies relating to recruitment, retention, employee relations, onboarding, employee development, and performance assessment.

You will be an outstanding communicator with excellent organizational and analytical abilities. The role is crucial to the human resources department, and you will report to the HR manager.


Update HR policies reflecting changes in employment and labor laws and communicating these to the workforce.

Review and update employee job descriptions, ensuring they align with evolving roles and organizational needs.

Provide training and guidance to hiring managers on recruitment strategies, selection processes, and interview techniques.

Use HR software to monitor vital human resources metrics, including retention rates and staff turnover, and inform management of trends.

Oversee the employee appraisal system, offering guidance to managers and ensuring it reflects best practices.

Engage with employees and managers on employment terms, conditions, and benefits.

Respond promptly to human resources inquiries from managers, employees, and senior executives.

hr intranet software


Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a similar field such as Labor Relations or Organizational Psychology.

A minimum of 3-4 years of work experience in human resources.

Exceptional communication and interpersonal abilities. Natural ability to engage effectively with people at all levels in the organization.

Proven leadership capabilities.

Strong organizational and administrative abilities.

Proficiency in human resources software and systems.

Ability to conduct research, analyze data, and make evidence-based decisions within set timeframes.

Up-to-date knowledge of relevant labor legislation and best practices in recruitment.

Excellent written communication, with the ability to draft clear and transparent policies.

What Challenges Does An HR Advisor Face?

The world of human resources is constantly changing. The number one challenge is keeping up with changing employment laws, company policies, and procedures.

Furthermore, HR advisors often deal with complex and sensitive labor relations situations. It could be disciplinary actions, terminations, or complaints against managers and coworkers. Conflict resolution in people-related issues can be emotionally draining and challenging.

What Level Is An HR Advisor?

The HR advisor role is usually a mid-entry role. However, much depends on the company size and the specific skills and responsibilities.

According to data from Glassdoor, the median salary for HR advisors in the US is $84,690.

Many HR advisor roles are now hybrid. You can work a mix of remote and office-based hours. However, as the service is people-based, you are expected to provide support to remote, deskless, and office-based employees.

What Is The Difference Between An HR Officer And An Advisor?

The job titles of HR officer and advisor are often used by hiring managers interchangeably. However, the advisor job generally tends to be more senior, with extra responsibilities and a higher salary.

Typically, HR officers are responsible for performing admin tasks, handling routine inquiries from management or employees, and handling payroll or benefits administration.

By contrast, advisors provide strategic guidance to the business and deal with more complex labor relations issues.

Is HR Generalist The Same As An Advisor?

Usually, an HR generalist is an entry-level job. Successful applicants tend to be graduates who are just starting out in their career.

A generalist has similar duties to an HR officer, with a focus on day-to-day HR activities and routine queries. Generalists are often line-managed by HR advisors. However, the advisor job is primarily responsible for providing companies with high-level advice and guidance on all things HR.


HR Advisor: A Rewarding Career

Human resources is an exciting and rewarding career choice. On offer is a great salary and plenty of opportunities for career progression and skills development. You can choose to become a specialist in, say, compensation or compliance, or why not immerse yourself in training and development? You can also use an HR advisor job as a springboard into a successful career in HR management.

Jobs are competitive, but the right skill set and experience will see you succeed. All you need is the ability to get on with people at all levels of the organization, exceptional communication skills, and a sound knowledge of HR policies.

Extra Resources

For more information about HR jobs and the work of HR advisors, check out the following resources.

  • HR Daily Advisor: You’ll find lots of free webinars, videos, podcasts, and resources on all the latest human resources issues.
  • The HR Blog: Access tips, articles, and information to help you find success as an HR advisor.
  • HR Exchange Network: Connect with other HR professionals in this online network. Membership is free, and with over 250,000 members, it’s a great networking platform to build relationships with others in the industry. The HR Exchange Network also regularly hosts conferences and webinars on all the hot topics.
  • With nearly 2 million members, is the largest social networking platform for HR professionals. The site runs HR certification exam preparation services alongside a wealth of articles and resources. This makes a fantastic resource for budding HR professionals looking for support with career development.

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