HR Intranet  Software: Adding Value With An Enhanced Employee Experience

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We’ve heard a lot in recent years about the importance of the customer experience. We’re told that customers want more personalized, interactive experiences with companies. And many businesses have responded to customer demands by reviewing their operations to ensure they are maximizing the customer experience. Well, it will probably come as no surprise to learn that it’s now the turn of the employee. Singled out by Deloitte in their 2017 survey Global Human Capital Trends, the employee experience as a key trend is likely to continue beyond this calendar year. In fact, in Deloitte’s survey, nearly 80 percent of executives rated employee experience very important or important. Employee relations have traditionally been the domain of HR departments and so if you haven’t yet considered the employee experience in your business then now’s the time to do so. In this post, we examine how hr intranet software is the vehicle for adding value to your organization with an enhanced employee experience that meets the increasing expectations of the workforce.

What Is The Employee Experience?

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Employee experience has a very broad definition and is much more than just an annual survey of staff members, or a vague notion of improving employee engagement and organizational culture. It’s more about building a positive and productive total employee experience that encompasses such things as work-life balance, flexible working, employee wellness initiatives and opportunities to promote employee engagement. In addition, it’s also about giving staff members the tools that they need to get the job done as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

In the modern global workplace, companies are realizing that you need to focus more on the holistic employee experience if you want to attract and retain the best people. And with the scarcity of talent out there, finding ways to hang onto your valued staff is critical. Certainly your recruitment budget will benefit from the improved levels of employee retention. In addition, a positive employee experience will in turn impact on a better customer experience and so it’s a win-win provided you get it right.

HR Intranet Software For An Enhanced Employee Experience

So how can HR intranet software help HR departments provide an enhanced employee experience? Well, intranet software is a great facilitator for organizations. It encompasses a range of tools that together are changing the way that HR works to provide more bespoke employee experiences. So let’s find out some of the ways in which companies are utilizing HR intranet software.

More Self-Service Options

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The ability to source information, locate data and resolve issues directly is very motivating for employees. And so whether it’s to locate a product manual, check out the latest company news or find an internal expert on social media marketing, intranet portal software means that staff have all this information at their fingertips. And as well as having a positive impact on overall staff morale and company culture, the self-service approach will also save your business valuable dollars. Staff members won’t be wasting time searching for data in manual filing systems, email trails or asking colleagues for information as it’s all readily available with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Streamlined Business Processes

Having the necessary tools to get the job done as efficiently as possible is a critical part of the employee experience. Intranet portal software can streamline business processes by replacing paper or email systems with automated online ones. Perhaps the employee wants to submit an expenses claim. Or maybe they want to send a pre-appraisal form to their manager. Or perhaps they simply want to book some holidays. Whatever it is, intranet portal software means that these processes can now be completed using an online form, which is then automatically routed to the relevant manager or member of staff for action. And so what previously might have involved several steps, form filling and a couple of emails, is now completed in just a matter of seconds without a pen or piece of paper in sight. Not only is it a more efficient way of doing things, it’s also greener and more environmentally friendly.

Opportunities For Work-Life Balance And Flexible Working

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The traditional 9 to 5, desk-bound office worker is now becoming little more than a relic from the past. The reality is that the average company’s workforce consists of a range of employees working alongside the traditional full-time ones including contingent workers – freelancers, interns and contractors – as well as telecommuters and part-time workers. Today’s workers are demanding more flexibility from employers and given the increasingly globalized nature of the workforce, businesses that are not meeting this demand for flexible working practices are missing a trick.

And this is where hr intranet portal software can really add value to organizations. You see, the cloud nature of the intranet portal means that staff can still be productive and complete work tasks whether they’re on the road visiting clients, overseas attending an industry conference or working from home waiting for the washing machine repair guy to show up. The fact is your intranet portal is optimized for use on a smartphone or tablet and is accessible 24/7. The opportunities this presents in terms of flexible working and enabling staff to achieve a better work-life balance are obvious.

Employment Engagement And Wellness Initiatives

Intranet portals are also great enablers and facilitators of employee engagement and wellness initiatives. Use the software to develop staff engagement blogs that invite employees to share their views, contribute insights and put forward good ideas. Make it a CEO blog to give it some authority and to show how sincerely your organization values the input of its workforce. Or for a more quick and easy approach, why not use intranet portal software to canvas staff views on a range of topics through quizzes, surveys or polls. Alternatively, develop an employee recognition program and publicize those employees that have gone the extra mile in your intranet portal’s news ergonomicsIn addition, use your intranet portal to develop and promote employee wellness initiatives. With absenteeism costing employers an estimated $225.8 billion annually in the United States or $1,685 per employee, taking the effort to improve the physical and mental well-being of employees is well worth the investment for companies. It could be something as simple as an online noticeboard to connect colleagues and set up a lunchtime walking group or to publicise a new yoga class in town. Perhaps you could utilize online tools and enable employees to undertake their own ergonomics assessments. Making information, podcasts and videos on workplace health and safety available to staff members in one central location is also a feature of many intranet portals.

HR Intranet Software – Add Value To Your Business

With increased pressure on internal costs and ensuring a good return on investment, all departments including HR, need to be able to demonstrate that they are adding value to the business. An enhanced employee experience achieved through intranet portal software is one way that HR can prove its worth. Decreased recruitment and retention costs, more efficient business processes and happier, more engaged employees are the very tangible potential benefits on offer.

Interested in finding out more? Then get in touch with the friendly team here at MyHub. Better still, why not check out just how powerful our intranet portal software is with a no-obligation demo or a 14-day trial? Get in touch today.

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