Digital Workplace

Enable remote working for staff and let technology, people and processes unite 

Share. Engage. Connect

 As more staff transition to a work-from-home scenario, digital workplace technology offers a vital agile setting for businesses.  Digital workplace technology can improve productivity, creative thinking, and team collaboration.

While some organizations have already embraced a digital workplace culture, others are being forced unexpectedly into managing staff remotely. The silver lining for the latter cohort is that if done right, remote working can facilitate a smarter, faster, better operation. Businesses stand to benefit from increased employee engagement and all-round improved business performance.

Core to the successful adoption of a digital attitude is finding ways to support staff as they navigate through the tech maze of the modern digital workplace, along with adjusting to working from home. While there are countless business apps and platforms suited to their specific areas of business, a central hub – or gateway if you like – where staff can access everything they need to complete their job is vital.

MyHub intranet software provides that central digital space for staff to communicate, share and source company information, regardless of their location. Our cloud-hosted, single access point makes life easier for staff, helping them do their job better. 

From instant messaging to the seamless integration of business applications, workflow automation to access-controlled content libraries, MyHub brings together all this into a beautifully-sleek, easy-to-navigate digital workplace. All accessible with a single sign-on.

Let our technology unleash a smarter and super-efficient digital workplace solution that your staff will love.

What is the Digital Workplace?

One of the most accepted definitions of the digital workplace is “the alignment of technology, employees and business processes to improve operational efficiency and meet organizational goals”.

Gartner describes it as a way of enabling new, more effective ways of working; raising employee engagement and agility; and exploiting consumer-oriented styles and technologies.

It’s been dubbed as the fourth industrial revolution, the digital transformation.

New digital workplace practices are being embedded into everyday life, across every size and type of business. Artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning technology are taking over manufacturing, service work, and many other essential business tasks. And while most companies acknowledge the benefits of digital working, many admit to lacking the technical knowledge to lead the way (source: McKinsey & Company).


How You Work. Not Where You Work.

The way in which we spark ideas and get work done has changed forever. With more employers supporting the distributed workforce model – either through choice or an unexpected crisis – the practical side of completing tasks and communicating with colleagues now, more-often-than-not, takes place in a digital space. Indeed, many economists forecast the physical office will soon be a thing of the past, accelerated by the recent Covid-19 pandemic. 

A distributed workforce – also known as remote workers, digital nomads, telecommuters or home office workers – work from any location, across multiple devices. They value work/life balance, flexible hours – and critically, the need to feel connected. Digital workplace technology provides this essential connection – emphasizing the importance of friction-free, easy-to-use software. 

If the physical office is no longer a place we go to work, these digital touchpoints play a vital role in how employees stay motivated, informed and engaged in what they do. The onus will be on the employer to optimize the digital workplace experience for employees. Security, fast access, as well as intuitive and compatible software are just some of the important considerations when transitioning into a digital world.

Benefits of a Digital Workplace Strategy

  • Improved levels of problem-solving, interaction and knowledge-sharing – all-round improved collaboration
  • Allows employees to work remotely, supporting more flexible working 
  • Increased efficiency and employee productivity through improved communications
  • Improved traceability and transparency amongst teams, reducing errors
  • Increased opportunities to innovate and execute
  • Decreased employee commuting expenses and business real estate costs
  • Lower employer turnover rates due to improved work/life balance and engagement

The Future of The Digital Workplace

  • Effective, cloud-based communication with remote access will be essential 
  • Technology will continue to evolve, either organically or intentionally
  • Traditional ways of working will continue to be disrupted; automated processes will increase
  • Technology stack choices will become more important when attracting and retaining high caliber staff 
  • Young workers have a huge appetite for tech; increasing pressure for employers to stay up with the trends
  • Choice explosion of SaaS products could be overwhelming / fail to work together
  • Employees becoming ‘trapped in the tech maze’, overwhelmed by so many applications

The Digital Workplace is a work in progress, an ongoing journey, with only 14% of companies believing they are at a ‘mature phase’.

Digital Workplace Software

Unlike many of the enterprise-focused intranet solutions, MyHub’s cloud-based intranet is priced and purposefully designed for medium-sized companies looking to digitize their workplace. 

Considered the central hub of your digital workplace solution, MyHub is fully scalable, designed to support your company’s growth. And fully customizable, to meet your exact needs.

It allows you to:

Say Goodbye To Silos

Unleash unified working and share knowledge throughout

Environmental Tick

Demonstrate sustainability efforts via a paperless office

Increase Employee Engagement

Share feel-good stories and recognize top talent

Message Consistency

Centralize and consolidate all internal communications

Improve Efficiency

Create workstreams for fast and accurate processes

Reach Staff Everywhere

Access information remotely, desktop or mobile

Spotlight Policies and Processes

Highlight compliance, ethical behavior, HR and more

Encourage Idea-Sharing

Create dedicated spaces for innovation and equal voice

Reduce Email Burden

Collaborate across forums, chat, and group messaging

Secure File Storage

Unlimited  storage for documents of all sizes

Improve Employee Experience

One easy-access, single-sign-on for everything

Connect Knowledge

Locate expertise through staff directories and skills profiles

Designed with the non-technical buyer in mind, MyHub requires no coding skills or IT experience. It is simple to set-up – and fun to use! 

Using simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can create a professional digital workspace in minutes! Being cloud-hosted also means you’re future-proofing your investment: you get to benefit from our latest new features and enhancements as soon as they’re released.

MyHub Digital Workplace Features


Send latest news and updates direct to staff


For problem-solving, idea-sharing and collaboration


Enhance your internal brand digitally


Test knowledge, introduce gamification, build culture

Template Library

Huge range of pre-built templates to make life easy


Salesforce, G Suite, Office 365 and more

Feedback & Comments

Share valuable feedback and insights that won’t be missed

Instant Messaging

Real-time chat, with private or group messaging


Increase awareness of important policies 

Automated Forms

Simplify data collection and save time

File Sharing

Leverage the Document Exchange for easy file sharing


Alert employees on tasks, reminders or news 


Invite staff to share their views, insights and more


Include management and employee content 

Staff Directory

Connect knowledge and people, view bios

O365 / Google SSO

Single sign-on making digital life easier for staff


Information at your fingertips via advanced Search


Digitize your staff newsletter with rich media


Co-ordinate and share calendars, with RSVP

Auto Workflows

Streamline processes with automated tasks

Activity Wall

Share latest updates with a modern, social feel

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