Top 30 Employee Engagement Videos

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Employee engagement makes good business sense, right? After all, it’s logical that employees who feel involved, informed, and connected to your business are more committed and productive. Gallup has been telling us that for years. However, when staff work from home in distributed teams, employee engagement becomes more of a challenge.

Video is one way to connect with workers and increase employee engagement. It bridges the divide between head office and distributed teams. And it’s a great way of providing personal, authentic communication direct to the employee. Plus, it’s very popular across all age groups. In 2020, YouTube alone logged more than 126 million unique monthly viewers.

But where do you start? There are many thousands of employee engagement videos out there. And watching them all is a Herculean task if ever there was one. We make it easy for you to get started by selecting the top 30 employee engagement videos.

So, whether you want to convince workers of the benefits of employee engagement or upskill managers, we have the perfect option. Here’s our list of the top 30 employee engagement videos grouped by topic.

What Is Employee Engagement?

This selection of employee engagement videos gets back to basics with a look at what employee engagement is and why it’s important.

1. Employee Engagement Presentation

This short video from the MyHub team is a great introduction. Easy to follow, the video describes what employee engagement is, why it matters and what you should be doing it. It’s the perfect choice for onboarding new staff.

2. Employee Engagement – Who’s Sinking Your Boat?

Originally released in 2013, this viral hit has recently been updated. Aimed at employees, this easy-to-follow, 5-minute video explains what employee engagement is all about and the difference it can make. We suggest you use it to support the launch of an employee engagement strategy.

3. HR Basics: Employee Engagement

Another useful basic guide to employee engagement, which also covers how to measure engagement in your business.

4. Why Employee Engagement Matters

Although the main audience for this employee engagement video is managers, it’s relevant to all staff. It covers the fundamentals and why it’s worth investing in employee engagement. And at just over two minutes long, this video is a great introduction to the topic.

5. Engagement in Three Minutes

Another short, sharp employee engagement video. It explains the importance of employee engagement in easy terms. And it includes some simple tools to get you started.

6. Triggers: Employee Engagement

Marshall Goldsmith’s employee engagement video is an interesting take on the standard presentation. Rather than focusing on what employers can do, he comes up with some ideas on how employees can engage themselves.

7. E Is For Engagement – An Animated White Paper

This humorous and fun employee engagement video will help workers see that they can be part of something big. The video encourages staff to embrace employee engagement and join you on a meaningful journey that leads to business success.

8. Driving Employee Engagement

New York Times bestselling author Daniel Pink is also an entertaining and insightful public speaker. This video presents his take on the main drivers of employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Videos For Managers

Managers are critical to the success of employee engagement. According to research from Dale Carnegie, the employee’s relationship with their manager is one of the main drivers for engagement. After all, it’s managers that have responsibility for implementing the organization’s employee engagement strategy. Here’s a selection of videos to support managers in this vital task.

9. The Influence Of Managers On Employee Engagement

This employee engagement video makes a compelling case on the contribution managers make to successful employee engagement. It’s a useful resource for any managers that need a reminder on why employee engagement is important.

10. Employee Engagement Programs – Are They Worth It?

This video sets out in simple terms why employee engagement is a worthwhile investment for business owners and managers.

11. How Does Employee Engagement Affect Performance

A short video, which makes it clear how employee engagement can affect the employee’s job performance. It demonstrates why managers need to invest time and effort into engaging their team.

12. Communication – The Cornerstone Of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement guru Bob Kelleher sets out his thoughts on the importance of communication to employee engagement.

13. The Ten Steps Of Employee Engagement

Another employee engagement video from Bob Kelleher. This one sets out the ten simple steps managers can take to improve employee engagement.

14. 5 Employee Engagement Best Practices

Using best practice data, this video sets out five employee engagement practices to kick-start employee engagement in your organization.

15. Employee Engagement Best Practices For 2021

At over 50 minutes long, this employee engagement video requires more of a time investment than the others. However, it’s well worth making an effort. It’s up-to-the-minute and discusses the challenges of employee engagement in the context of Covid.

Employee Engagement Strategy

Having a clear plan in place is essential to any business initiative. And employee engagement is no exception. This selection provides food for thought if you are looking for guidance on developing an employee engagement strategy.

16. Employee Engagement Strategy

In this employee engagement video, academic Kevin Kruse sets out his thoughts on how to develop an employee engagement strategy. He argues that the best strategies are developed from the bottom up rather than the top down.

17. Employment Engagement Strategies You Can Use (4 Strategies)

This video sets out four approaches you can use to inform your employee engagement strategy. It has some interesting ideas to get you started thinking about what could work in your business.

18. Why Listening To Employees Is More Important Than Ever

Reflecting on the current Covid crisis, this video explains why listening to employees is so important. And feedback from staff is an essential first step in developing an employee engagement strategy.

19. 6 Best Practices In Creating Employee Engagement Surveys

Find out how to create the perfect employee engagement survey for your business with this entertaining video. Employee engagement surveys underpin all the best employee engagement surveys. And they will help you accurately measure your organization’s levels of engagement over time.

20. The ‘X’ Model Of Employee Engagement Maximum Satisfaction Meets Maximum Contribution

This interesting and visually stunning video sets out the relationship between a worker’s personal satisfaction in a job and their contribution to company success. It helps you identify some strategies that will maximize both sides of the relationship equation.

Employee Engagement Videos Highlighting The Issue Of Disengaged Employees

Workers who are actively disengaged can have a huge impact on team morale and your overall rates of employee engagement. A few negative staff members can have a snowball effect. Before you know it, the whole team can be infected by low productivity and poor morale. Therefore, recognizing and dealing with the problem of disengaged employees is a crucial aspect of employee engagement. This selection of videos will help you come up with strategies to deal with disengagement head-on.

21. The Difference Between Engaged, Non-Engaged, And Disengaged Employees And Why It Matters To You

Discover how to identify engaged, non-engaged, and disengaged employees in this insightful and humorous video.

22. Meet Bill, A Disengaged Employee

This short animated video introduces us to a disengaged employee called Bill. Workers like Bill are, unfortunately, all too common. You will learn how to spot the equivalent of Bill in your own company. The video also explores how previously engaged and productive workers can end up disengaged and unproductive.

23. The Impacts of Disengaged Workers

If you were in any doubt about the effect disengaged employees could have, then this video will set the record straight. You will discover just the impact disengaged employees have on productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately company profits.

24. Employee Engagement – How To Motivate Employees

Understanding what motivates employees is a crucial aspect of managing disengaged employees. Career Coach Linda Raynier provides some insights and practical tips on how to motivate employees.

Five Humorous Videos About Employee Engagement

To end our selection of the best employee engagement videos, we present some light-hearted choices that also make serious points. There will be a few laugh-out-loud moments in these videos and don’t we all need a bit of fun in the workplace.

25. How to Get People to Work Harder

This classic from the US version of the popular comedy The Office shows us how to get people to work harder – not!

26. Motivation Problems

The 1999 movie Office Space may be an oldie these days, but it’s still a goldie. This hilarious clip brings to life the motivation problems of the disengaged employee.

27. Horrible Bosses

And if you want to find out how not to engage, motivate and retain your staff, then check out this clip from Horrible Bosses.

28. Every Meeting Ever

Are team meetings a part of your employee engagement strategy? Make sure you check out this funny video on managing meetings.

29. Motivation

Another take on employee motivation, this time from the UK version of The Office. Managers can find out how not to motivate and engage the team.

30. Employee Retention

This video uses humor to get across important messages on how to tackle staff turnover and employee retention.

Support Employee Engagement In Your Business

Use the top 30 employee engagement videos we have listed to kick-start engagement. Or, if employee engagement has stalled in your company, then use these videos for breathing new life into your employee engagement strategy.

There’s a variety of choices to support staff onboarding and upskilling managers. And there are plenty of options to help you get the buy-in of the workforce.

And when it comes to developing an employee engagement strategy, find out about best practices from experts in the field. Involve staff in the process with an employee engagement survey and set a benchmark for measuring your success.

Disengaged employees can seriously impact productivity and company profits. Learn how to identify disengaged employees and those at risk. And develop some strategies to motivate all employees.

Finally, share some laughs and connect with workers with our selection of fun employee engagement videos. All work and no play make for a dull office. Light-hearted videos are a great medium for getting important messages across and provide a shared talking point.

Why not set up your own company YouTube channel? And while you’re at it, upload videos and embed links in the company intranet. Use the intranet to share all these inspiring employee engagement videos alongside other internal communications. A CEO vlog is a perfect vehicle for connecting with workers when face-to-face contact is still restricted for so many of us.

The popularity of YouTube means that your workers are already regularly engaging with video. Make sure you use it to your advantage as a tool to promote employee engagement.

MyHub Intranet Solutions is a leading provider of cloud intranet software. Simple to set up and easy to manage, our intranets will be a hit with staff and help you achieve your business goals. Plus, the intranet will support employee engagement in your business:

  • upload employee engagement videos
  • conduct employee engagement surveys
  • set up an employee recognition scheme
  • connect staff with social intranet

These are just some of the great features on offer. Sign up for a free demo or a 14-day trial and get started today.

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